Frequently asked questions

Always read the labels on your Dimetapp products and follow the directions for use. Please see below some answers to common questions.

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Adult products

Why can I only use the Dimetapp 12 Hr Nasal Spray for 3 days?

Repeated use without a break results in “Rebound Congestion” where you actually get the symptoms returning worse. Have a break after 3 continuous days of use and see your doctor if symptoms persist.

Do any Dimetapp formulations contain phenylpropanolamine (PPA)?

No, the Dimetapp range of products do not contain PPA. Dimetapp Elixirs that have a decongestant contain phenylephrine. While this may look similar to phenylpropanolamine, it is a completely different active ingredient.

Kids products

What do I do in case of an overdose?

If an overdose is taken or suspected, ring the Poison’s Information Centre on 13 11 26 (Australia) discontinue use and seek professional assistance immediately.

My child can open a bottle of Dimetapp. Aren't they child proof?

The caps on Dimetapp are child resistant and can provide some protection to a child opening the bottle. However it is possible for Children to open them, this is why you must always keep medicines out of reach of children.

Why are there colour free and coloured products?

Some kids are sensitive to colours and additives, it can make them hyperactive or irritable. However, some kids prefer to take the ‘purple’ or the ‘red’ medicine, which they know and love. Anything that makes compliance easier has to be a good thing. The choice is yours – coloured or colour free.

Do any Dimetapp Elixirs contain any added sugar?

No, all Dimetapp Elixirs contain no added sugar.

Do any Dimetapp Elixirs contain gluten?

Dimetapp Elixirs contain no added gluten.